You can never really say “I love you”, “I’m proud of you”, and “I’m here for you” too much, but don’t forget that apart from those phrases, there’s still more that your daughter wishes she could hear you say. The next time you’re both free, sit her down and try to slip into a conversation with her. Though it might not be as easy as three words that you can routinely tell her, she might need to hear these things just as much as “I love you”.

Your daughter wants to hear about a mistake you once made. Tell her about the time that something went wrong and it was because of your doing. Whether it was a grave mistake that was difficult to fix or a small one that didn’t make too much of a difference, share it with her. Not only will this make her see you as human and open up to you more (especially about her own slip-ups), but it will also teach about character. By simply sharing this story, you’re showing that you’re not afraid to admit a fault. She’ll then understand that it’s alright to make mistakes, especially when her own mother made them too.

Your daughter wants to hear about a dream you have for her. Tell her about something you wish she’d accomplish. Just be sure that it’s not too big of an aspiration. There’s no doubt that she’d love to make you proud, and by doing this, you’re giving her the opportunity to. Try to start small: Offer a goal that’s within reach –  something that might be a bit of a challenge but you’re sure she can achieve if she really puts her mind to it. You can relate it to an interest, hobby, or opportunity she might have. If she’s interested in art, motivate her to join a contest. If her passion is music, inspire her to write a song. If she enjoys a sport, encourage her to try out for a team. Again, just make sure she doesn’t feel too pressured to meet any expectation.


Your daughter wants to hear a reason for your love. Tell her what makes you love her and don’t be afraid to go into honest detail with this one. Although it’s true that some things don’t have to be said out loud, now is the exact time for the opposite. Pour your heart out, declaring what you love about having her as a daughter. Go from all the small and seemingly insignificant things that you appreciate to all the important things that you can’t live without. It’ll warm her heart to hear sincere truths about herself from the woman whose opinion she values most in life.


When it comes to words, a few can make all the differenceespecially if, as a daughter, those few words are from your mother. In the same way that a kind word has the power to make someone’s day a lot better, a heartfelt conversation between a mother and her daughter can go a long way. It has the power to make a mother-daughter relationship a thousand times better. Sharing all of these can lay the foundation for a deeper and closer connection between you and your daughter. At the end of your heart-to-heart talk, you’ll most probably notice your relationship improve.