Websites is the leading and most awarded supplementary education network in the Philippines. Its academic tutorial programs and test preparation courses have become the industry’s benchmark for excellence. It maintains its lead by constant and ceaseless innovation. offers academic tutorials for all levels and subjects; test-based review programs for the UPCAT, ACET, and DLSUCAT; and review courses for preschool entrance tests and high school entrance tests, among others. is an online tutorial service that offers a fully interactive mode of teaching with voice, video, whiteboard, and file-sharing components. Students and tutors interact with each other as if they were face to face. gives you programs that are perfect for you, whether you’re a college senior pursuing a degree in law or medicine, a school principal studying leadership strategies, or a company executive aiming for the top of the corporate ladder. In Mandarin, Yu means “excellence” and Xin means “heart” or “mind”. Our name inspires us to serve with a heart for excellence. We address the need for K to 12 students to focus on their schoolwork and continually achieve the best for themselves in different aspects of learning. is the personal blog of Rossana. There she shares her insights        and personal experiences as a mother, an educator and an entrepreneur. Her site aims to empower and inspire people, especially women, to work hard in order to reach their dreams. is a website that aims to showcase women from all walks of life. From mothers to daughters, homemakers and career women who are determined to succeed in their chosen professions, all women should possess unwavering passion to take them further in life.