Last Friday, I went along with my eight-year-old daughter Meg to her school field trip. Well, I wasn’t actually there. I just followed the bus that took Meg and her classmates to the Mall of Asia for their Science tour.

Early on, I’ve made a pact with myself that, at any given time, I would always be only an hour away from my children. This is so that in case of any sort of emergency, I could be by my children’s side right away. At this moment in fact, I am just five minutes away from Meg. Poor Meg has to eat her lunch inside the bus. Poor Mom has to eat hers in the car. Such is life!

As parents, we always want to know our children’s whereabouts. Sometimes, however, it’s not enough to know where they’ll be at. Sometimes, we need to be there ourselves. Nothing beats our presence to make our children feel secure and protected. More importantly, our being there tells them how much they are loved.