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My name is Rossana Ladaga Llenado.  I’m a mother, an education advocate and an entrepreneur.

I have four kids—my twins, Nicolo and Paolo, who are currently pursuing their degrees in Ateneo De Manila University, and my girls Darla Angela, and Regina Megan, who are studying in St. Paul and Miriam College respectively.

We live less than a kilometer from their schools and my office, which gives us little excuse to be late. I own a small business, which I started to give me time for my twins, so it’s actually as old as they are.

I believe in continuous learning so I attend seminars every month, which give me lots of stuff to talk about. I also watch a lot of movies and like going to new places all the time, tasting different food at different restaurants.

There you go! We will get to know more about each other along the way.

As you’ve probably guessed, I will be writing about the following:

  1. Being a woman
  2. Being a parent
  3. Being an entrepreneur
  4. My projects, my clients interests
  5. My interests: food, movies, education, leadership
  6. Interesting people: mostly entrepreneurs
  7. Interesting ideas from seminars I attend