Trainings, Seminars, Workshops, and Conferences

Pursues continuous learning on various areas of interest, such as: Leadership, Management, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Accounting, Strategic Planning, Organizational Management, Human Resources Development, Legal Issues in Business, Public Relations, Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Marketing Education, Digital Marketing, Technology Management, Internet Communication, Business Communication, Journalism, Advertising, Creative Writing, Services Management, ISO Quality Systems, Educational Management, Teaching and Learning Styles, Teaching English as a Second Language, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Corporate Social Responsibility and others

IDEA Entrepreneurship Symposium, February 2016

Phildev IDEA Entrepreneurship Workshop, February 2016

Agora Conference: Best Talks, October 2015

Management Association of the Philippines International CEO Conference, 2013, 2014 and 2015

Confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce Conference, Malaysia, November 2014

Confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce Conference, Hong Kong, October 2015

APEC Slingshot Manila 2015

APEC Women and the Economy Fora 2015

National Trainers’ Forum (Junior Chamber International Philippines, Worldwide Federation of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs), Oct. 13, 2006

Advanced Entrepreneurial Finance Course for SMEs (Asian Institute of Management), June 9, 2005