As a woman entrepreneur in a seemingly patriarchal world, I never had a doubt that women can achieve as much as men can when it comes to work and life. In fact, in my company, most of my managers are women. I did not hire them because of their gender; I hired them because they are capable. Working with different people for more than two decades has made me realize that if given equal opportunities, women can do and achieve so much more.

Having said these, I hope to see more women in male-dominated fields. I hope to see more women engineers, IT personnel, pilots, scientists, police and even soldiers! I hope to see more women leading in governments. I hope to see little girls dream as high as they can without ever worrying if they have the right to. As a mother of two beautiful daughters, my dream is for them to live in a world that sees beyond gender.

As we celebrate the International Women’s Day, let’s reflect on how far women have come and how farther we can go. Let’s think of ways to reach the glass ceiling and break it. Let’s continue to exceed expectations and destroy stereotypes. Let’s fight harder for our rights. And if we are not given enough opportunities, let’s make them.

Happy International Women’s Day!