I just want to share with you a moving experience I had last Sunday during our parents’ seminar in one of AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center branches.

A mother, a fish vendor, came in late because nobody could watch over her stall. She actually still smelled like fish. I admire her for her tenacity and will for she even decided to upgrade her child’s review from package to premium to make sure her child gets the best quality of education she can provide.

I remember a similar situation some years ago when another mother, who was also a fish vendor, handed me wet 20, 50, and 100 bills to pay for her child’s review classes. Without hesitation, she invested her hard-earned money to her child’s education because she knew it was the best gift she could ever give. She said she believed that material things fade while education does not. I could not agree more. True enough, she called me one day to say her child became a doctor and is now taking care of their whole family. Actually while studying he also worked part time.


These experiences serve as a validation of how much a mother is willing to sacrifice for her child. Today, I give tribute to all the mothers in the world. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom are the family’s breadwinner, happy Mother’s Day.