I always try to share my experiences with people because I think it’s one of the best ways to inspire. I am blessed that I have been recently given an opportunity to share my entrepreneurial story through Philippine Marketing Association’s book, “The Agora Way,” launched last April 26. This book features the inspiring stories of Filipino entrepreneurs, tracing their humble beginnings up to their great accomplishments. I am honored and grateful to be one of its key features.

I appreciate this book because it shows that entrepreneurs are ordinary people just like everybody else; what sets them apart is their burning desire to fulfill their dreams. While everybody can be dreamers, entrepreneurs took the risk; they worked hard even though they had zero assurance of success. I can compare this mindset to an explorer climbing a massive mountain and persevering until he reaches the top. Ordinary people will quit when they get tired but extraordinary people will rest and keep moving.

It is also my pleasure to have been invited to speak and represent the Philippines in the 31st Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s (CACCI) conference in Australia this September 18. I was invited to talk about AHEAD’s current programs in relation to Philippine education, as well as the latest educational trends and developments in our country.  Through this opportunity, I am hoping I can give other countries fresh ideas with regard to education, as well as make a positive impact on Philippine education by sharing the knowledge I would acquire from the conference. I think this is a good opportunity to help improve our system and also to show other countries how far we’ve come education-wise.

I thank PMA and CACCI for giving me a chance to share, inspire, and educate. I am humbled by these opportunities since they remind me of my utmost duty to continue serving.