Being a mom is wonderful, fulfilling, and fun. But it can also be extremely stressful because of the constant pressure and obligations that come with raising a child.

This is why it always amazes me to see how many moms are still smashing beauty standards despite the day in and day out of motherhood. But looking beautiful is not the only thing that makes someone a Wonder WoMom. It’s these other 4 things:

1. A Wonder WoMom is empowered and strong.

An empowered mom is independent and inspires others. She is compassionate, generous and chooses love everyday. She never stops learning, knows her purpose and utilizes each day to pursue that purpose most especially when it comes to family.

2. A Wonder WoMom is selfless.

A mother is prepared to sacrifice everything for her children.

3. A Wonder WoMom is patient.

You’ll never understand patience until you have a child.

They say that the true representation of humanity itself is wrapped up in a relationship between a mother and her child. If you are a mom, I believe that you will always be an angel to your child.

In the Wonder Woman movie, Diana Prince said that “only love can truly save the world” and the highest form of love is the love of a mother.