What are college entrance tests?

College entrance tests are given by prestigious colleges and universities to maintain a certain level of academic excellence. These are administered so that only those with the ability to meet the particular school’s standards will be admitted.

Why is it important to pass such tests?

Passing the entrance test, especially of a prestigious school, is the first step towards obtaining a college degree necessary to practice a life-long profession.  Since graduates of top schools are generally perceived as being well-prepared for their chosen careers, they enjoy a competitive advantage when seeking employment.

How prepared should you be for such tests?

Very prepared. College entrance tests are not easy, obviously because the schools that administer them want to make sure they admit only the students who show the most potential to excel.  Good preparation is essential. This includes an effective review course, the guidance of trained tutors and lecturers, and the appropriate review materials.  All these will increase one’s chances of passing.