Teaching may be a rewarding job, but it can also be a stressful one. Preparing lessons, managing students, and checking quizzes are just some of the things that give stress to every teacher. If you don’t know how to handle stress, you might just get burned out. Here are some ways to help you tame stress:

* Have some alone time. On your lunch break, make sure you are not grading papers or preparing for your next class; grab a nutritiously filling meal. When you get home, take a few hours to relax; watch a movie or read a favorite book. Only when you are refreshed and recharged can you go back to the demands of your job.

* Relax your nerves. Meditation is a good way to calm your nerves when you are stressed out. Proper breathing can do the same, too. Another idea: sit down, close your eyes, and picture yourself in a dream holiday destination.

* Exercise! Exercise relieves stress as it releases endorphins, the body’s feel-good hormones. A 10-minute exercise routine can help you manage everyday stress whether it involves simple jogging, walking, or biking before heading to school.

* Set boundaries. You must be able to command the respect of your class so that sessions will be stress-free. Also, once you’ve set boundaries, make sure they are followed.

* Have a good laugh. Enjoying a good laugh will make you more accessible to your students. Plus, laughing also helps alleviate everyday stress.

Learn how to manage stress; it will not only help you enjoy your career, it will also make you a better teacher and better role model to your students.