The long wait is over, the Ateneo de Manila University just released the list of passers for school year 2011 to 2012. Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET) is one of the most feared exam in the Philippines. When we ask students what they remember about the exam, they always tell us in one way or the other that all they remember is that it was so hard they almost wanted to quit.
“Di ko maalala, basta sobrang hirap.”
“Ang naalala ko, nahilo ako sa hirap.
“Parang nasusuka na nga ako non. Many of my seatmates did not come back after the break, I guess they gave up.”
“I didnt finish the exam.”
“Many of the topics in there we didn’t take up in class.”
“I am sure I will fail. Actually, I am sure my whole class will fail.”
“Why is their exam so hard. Don’t they want to teach us anymore? I think they only want students they don’t have to teach.”

Every year, I see some people jumping for join and some, crying their heart out. It is really sad when a whole barkada passes the exam, except for one.

Many times, many honor graduates fail the exam. Some even from Ateneo also. It seems unbelievable but even students of Ateneo fail the exam too. There was a time when only around 50% of Ateneo high school students passed.

It’s really an honor for anyone to pass this exam as it really is one of the hardest, if not the hardest exam now.

Ahead being the first to offer ATENEO College Entrance Test review in the Philippines 15 years ago, it’s been a pleasure for me to see year after year the names of Ahead’s students whenever the top universities release their list of passers. Joy is ours again today. I could just imagine the thrill of the ACET takers who all have waited impatiently for the test results since the day they took the exam. Ateneo has always been revered for its undergraduate programs especially in the humanities and liberal arts.

Here is the link where you can check whether you or a person you know passed :

One can take an actual good glimpse of the entire list of ACET passers at the Ateneo campus in Katipunan.

Congratulations to all passers and thumbs up to their proud parents!