I told my eight-year-old daughter Meg that Manny Pacquiao already won the fight today with Mosley. She immediately said “I knew it!

Who didn’t expect Manny to win his every fight in the past years? Anyone who would bet that Manny won’t win is immediately a loser.

While I was watching a live feed of the fight over the internet, I was also watching on TV a background on him as if I haven’t watched enough of them before. We can’t get over the story of this man who is trying everything: politics, basketball, singing and acting.

I am happy that he took the PEPT. For those who don’t know what the PEP Test is, it is the Philippine Educational Placement Test to determine a person’s academic aptitude for high school. It is given by the Department of Education and it measures one’s level of knowledge and skills. DepEd grants official certification that enables the holder to enroll at a higher level of study.

When Manny took the test, DepED granted him an official certification that his level of knowledge is more than that of a high school graduate and therefore, Manny can enroll in college.

Coincidentally, we had a student before named Rose. She was already 18 then but only reached up till grade two for her education. Her mother was a maid of a Brit named Jack. One day she visited her mother and the Brit fell in love with her and eventually wanted to marry her! He found us and paid for a year’s tutorial for her to be able to take the PEP Test. She went to our center everyday– Monday to Friday from 8 to 5. We helped her file her PEP Test application mainly to check if her name was really Rose and it was ;). We earlier verified that Jack’s name is right because of his cheque. To cut the story short, she passed her placement test and was able to enroll in college.

I saw her working as a receptionist in a company some time after and was really happy for her.

I hope that others can discover the PEP Test like Rose and Jack (of  the Titanic) and our boxing champion of the world, Manny Pacquiao.