Throughout the week, Christians from every race and nationality have been celebrating World Youth Day, a way of affirming and deepening one’s faith through prayers and sacraments. While the festivities have centered on Madrid, every church and congregation in the world, it seems, has come up with its own version of celebrating World Youth Day for passionate young people who want to get to know Christ better. At AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center, it is our privilege to be working with such passionate young people, and empowering them with the proper knowledge and skills to help them grow into accomplished individuals.

There is Ric, who is now in college. Ric was only around 11 years old when he came to us. He was in his fifth grade and he was failing some of his subjects. He needed help. Through our one-on-one tutorials, we were able to help Ric get better grades; his self-esteem also improved in the process.

There is Francesca, who so badly wanted to go to the Ateneo. On her third year of high school, however, she got all nervous and afraid. Francesca was scared that she wouldn’t be able to pass the Ateneo College Entrance Test. She signed up for our review program, and gained the necessary knowledge and skills to pass the test. Today, she is studying in the college of her dreams.

There is Franco, who was having trouble with some of his high school subjects. Because his tutors were young, they were able to explain things to him in a matter that he understood.

Franco says, “Because of AHEAD, I was able to achieve good grades… It gives us an opportunity to be excellent.”

There is Regina. In class, she wasn’t really the type who’d raise her hands and recite. During her sessions at AHEAD, she gained confidence in her recitation skills because the teachers were open and accommodating.

Regina says, “Through AHEAD, I learned that anything is possible. Anybody can achieve their dreams.”

There are many more of these stories, and I am very happy that AHEAD is making a difference in the lives of these young people. I am blessed that in our own way, we are empowering the youth of the nation, giving them the proper encouragement and motivation to reach for their highest of dreams.