There are a lot of reasons why a child may not savour the thought of going to school. He may not like his teacher or he may not get along with other kids. It may also be that he misses his comfort zone: his home, where his family provides him with love and security. Sometimes hating school is just normal. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some ways to get your child to enjoy school:

* Get involved in his school life and activities. Talk to your child about his school work. Find out what he has accomplished during the day. Ask him about his teachers, classmates, and assignments. Be interested; it shows how much you care about him.

* Encourage him to participate in extra-curricular activities. Children always have fun when they are able to do things within the school grounds which are not necessarily academic in nature. It’s time in school that he can look forward to.

* Help him make friends. It can be difficult for a child to warm up to a total stranger; teach him how. Spending time with new friends will make him more enthusiastic to go to school.

* If a child has some difficulty in certain subjects, help him out. Taking time to study together is a great moment to bond. Help him make his projects at home. Encourage him to ask you questions and patiently answer each one until he understands.

* Come up with ways to make learning fun. Make subjects more relevant to his everyday experiences. Being too serious may not sit too well with a child who would rather be romping around and playing.

* If he continues to hate school, there might be an underlying issue or problem. Get to the bottom of things immediately. The sooner you know, the sooner you can arrive at a solution.

Going to school is an enjoyable experience. By getting involved in your child’s academic life, you will make it even more memorable.