It’s finally here! Today is one of the most important time of your college bound child’s life- his college entrance exam. Whether it’s the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT), the Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET) or the dela Salle College Entrance Test, its the culmination of weeks and months of preparation.

To the parents, as you send off your child today to take his entrance exam, you may feel anxious yourself. After all, this is a major milestone and a signal that your child is indeed slowly entering the adult world.

The morning of the exam, get up early and take the time to prepare a proper meal for your child. Sit down with him and take a few minutes together to go over his feelings. Reassure him that everything will be ok and that his nervousness is normal. If you have the time, you may take a moment together to pray for him. Ask that he be guided and that the God will help him stay calm and focused.

As you head out the door, have your spouse wish him well. It’s the little words of encouragement that can really make a difference in your child’s attitude. If you have other children, have them give Kuya or Ate a big hug and wish good luck. Your child needs to have not only his body nourished, but to have his spirit fortified with love and goodwill as well.

Before you leave the house, double check with your child if he has everything he needs for the exam. You may refer to my previous blog entry about what he needs to bring.

Leave the house early so that traffic won’t add to your child’s anxiety. Ensure that your child is at the exam venue 30 minutes before the test begins.

When you drop him off, wish him a final good luck. Let him know where you’ll be waiting. As you drive off, start praying because it’s going to be a long four  hour wait. Don’t worry, he’ll make it through.