Start serious praying. No matter how ready you are for the exam, you still need all the luck you can get. Pray that you don’t get mental block, pray your car won’t just stop on the way to the testing center. Pray you will remember all your math shortcuts.

Get support, advise and some loving from your parents, family and friends.

If you haven’t visited your exam venue yet, do it asap. UP is a big campus and when there is heavy traffic, some buildings are not easy to find.

Don’t do heavy studying 24 hours before the UPCAT.  Not for the UPCAT and not for the quarterly exam on Monday.

Make sure your bag contains the following:

  1. ID
  2. Test Permit
  3. Six pencils with erasers
  4. Pens
  5. Hand fan
  6. jacket
  7. small ruler
  8. analog watch
  9. snacks and drinks

Prepare your clothes the night before the exam, they must be very comfortable yet fashionable!

Try to be at the testing venue 30 minutes before the test.

Use the restroom before the exam.


Preview first.  Strategize your moves.  Budget your time.

Follow the instructions carefully. Read the questions in each section.

Use your scratch papers wisely.

Skip items that you haven’t encountered yet.  Skip also those which require long computations.

Finish 10 minutes before the end time. Go back to the items that you skipped.

Don’t talk to your seatmates. Don’t waste your time. Don’t try to cheat!

Don’t leave the room until you are finished.

Use your breaks wisely. Eat right. Stretch. Look at green objects to rest your eyes. And then, before you start the test again, look at yellow, orange and red things.

Be cool. Relax!

Shading tip: shade from inside out. And don’t shade everything.

Guessing tip:  Eliminate the obviously wrong answers and choose from the most likely answer.


Try to remember the items you missed.  As soon as you get out of the room, write them down.

Review your performance. Think of ways you could have done better.

Find out the answers for the missed questions, who knows they may be in the next exam you will take.

Good luck test takers.  And to our students, you know you can do it! 😉