If you still haven’t taken a vacation with your kids this summer, then please, go ahead and do so. Do it now!

Summer is one of the most wonderful seasons of the year! School’s out, the sun is shining, and the air just seems to have this relaxed vibe about it. Every year without fail, I’ve always managed to schedule at least one vacation where the kids and I can be together 24/7. You see, for a mompreneur like me, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the nuts and bolts of running a business. I could be at home, having dinner with my children, but my mind could be elsewhere, developing a new platform from where we can offer our services. It’s not good, I know, which is why I like vacations.

Vacations give parents the occasion to spend time with their children in a most intimate way. When you’re on vacation, you’re steered towards experiences and situations where you get to rediscover each other. Living in close quarters, even if only for a few days, you’ll quickly find out who’s the neat freak and who’s the mess maker in the family. You’ll see how much your children have grown, and get a peek at the little quirks they might have picked up while you’re not looking.

Vacations give parents the opportunity to create unique, unforgettable memories with their children. Vacations get you out of your comfort zone. It’s like you’re on this great adventure where you get to see new things, taste new food, and try new activities. Sometimes, it’s surprising to see that the usually shy child could be absolutely outgoing in a new environment.

Vacations also present valuable teaching moments to both kids and parents—and I’m not just talking about learning a destination’s culture and history here. I’m referring to practicing patience, for example, when you’re stuck in a long line or resourcefulness, when you find yourself temporarily lost.

Last but not least, vacations give parents the chance to shower their children with their undivided attention. Whether you’re going backpacking in Europe, spending a few days in an island paradise, or just jamming at home, watching movies and eating pasta, those days will stand out in your children’s memories. When your family’s on a break, it’s the children that are the stars. For 24 hours in a day, they have their parents’ undivided attention—and they just delight in this occasion. No matter how old they are, trust me, they still want your words of comfort and warm embrace. So, go ahead, take a vacation now!