It’s easy enough to get overwhelmed with activities during high school. Apart from learning your lessons, doing projects, and finishing your homework, you need time to participate in after-school activities, indulge in your current hobby, and most importantly, make time for family and friends. However, with a little rescheduling and some careful planning, you can get everything done with time to spare. Here are some helpful time management tips:

* Avoid procrastinating. You know what really causes high school students to lose track of time? Procrastination. Putting off doing homework or chores is just a waste of very precious hours. Every time you do something else aside from what you’re supposed to do, you are procrastinating. This will ruin your schedule because you have less time to accomplish what needs to be done.

Of course, you procrastinate over boring chores because there are other things you’d rather be doing. However, those boring chores still need doing. And in the end, putting off doing them will just cut into your fun time—playing video games, hanging out with friends and that most precious activity of all, sleeping. So, just get on with it!

* Plan ahead. Schedule your activities, and devote the right amount of time for each. Having it all planned out means you can have fun before you study if that’s what suits you best. The trick is not to deviate from the plan as much as possible.

* Learn to adapt. If your plan is ruined by circumstances that are out of your control (like the weather), then you’d just have to come up with a new plan. Be flexible.

* Multi-tasking. If you really want to save on time though, learn how to multi-task and get things done at the same time. Cooking dinner and doing your homework? Date with your boyfriend and a trip to the mall? Learn how to juggle two or more activities effectively.

* What time is it? Oh, and always wear a watch. You should always be able to tell the time.

Learn to make the most of every hour. For as long as you have that mindset, you’ll never run out of time.